Ikea MALKOLM Swivel chair

MVR 2790

MÖLLTORP Blackboard planner, plan your w...

MVR 1190

Ikea MITTBIT Place mat, black beige, whi...

MVR 75

Ikea LÄBORG Rug (low pile, lilac)

MVR 1490

KALAS 18-piece cutlery set, assorted col...

MVR 150


MVR 3890

Ikea VAKEN Glass

MVR 195

Ikea ÄPPLARÖ Chair (outdoor, foldable)

MVR 1990

Ikea RIKLIG Teapot, glass

MVR 750

Ikea LOMVIKEN Frame, aluminium

MVR 290

Ikea ANNONS Pot with lid, glass, stainle...

MVR 295

Ikea HEAT Pot stand, cork, 3 pc set

MVR 125

Ikea HEMMAHOS Rug, pink

MVR 420

Ikea STOPP Anti-slip underlay

MVR 195

Ikea FEODOR Swivel chair with armrests

MVR 4490

Ikea MAGASIN Rolling pin

MVR 120

Ikea SKOGSALM Quilt cover and 4 pillowca...

MVR 890

Ikea URBAN Junior chair, white

MVR 3490

Ikea SMULA Tray (transparent)

MVR 195

Ikea KORKEN Bottle with stopper, clear g...

MVR 85 MVR 150