MasterPan Open Frying Pan

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Why use five separate cookware to whip up a great meal when you can use just ONE?

With the MasterPan, you can cook up to five dishes on one burner! Its multi-sectional design allows you to cook five different food at one go. Made from 100% die cast aluminum, MasterPan Open Frying Pan features a heavy gauge bottom for even heat distribution.

Size: 12" x 15" (32cm x 38cm)

The ergonomic Bakelite handle allows easy handling while you're cooking up a storm. It is designed with double layer of Whitford's XYLAN PLUS coating to prevent food from sticking on the pan.

This pan is easy to clean and dishwasher-safe too. Prepare a complete breakfast, big burger meal, full fajitas, or a healthy salmon dinner with veggies - the possible food combinations are endless! When you're done with cooking, you'll have just one pan to clean. Cook faster, clean less, and enjoy great meals with the MasterPan Open Frying Pan!